Peek a Boo

Caden loves running in between Daddy’s and Mama’s legs but let’s face it.  He’s getting tall and the zoom-zoom is going to come to an end very soon.



Hey Mimi!

Colter saw these Bleeding Heart flowers and was so excited.  “Hey Mimi”, he exclaimed, “these are in the heart shape!”  “Yes, honey, they are heart shaped.  Every time I look at them, I think of all the people I love, like you.”  “Ok” and off he went.  He’s such a romantic.


Game over

Once the game is over, all the parents form two lines, hands up, palms touching opposite palms to form a tunnel of sorts.  At this point, all the kids run through it several times as everyone cheers.  I was ready to run through it too, I loved it so much!


Road trip

When asked what his favorite thing to do on our annual vacation together, instead of saying, ‘cuddling with my Mimi’, Camden drew this.  Him biking to the ice cream store.  Now I know just where I rank…