Road trip

When asked what his favorite thing to do on our annual vacation together, instead of saying, ‘cuddling with my Mimi’, Camden drew this.  Him biking to the ice cream store.  Now I know just where I rank…




It’s fun watching these little kids running around chasing the ball…sometimes kicking it in the wrong direction.  This is one of Colter’s goals…


Go England!

We finally got to see a soccer game of Colters.  Last time we went it was pouring rain and the game was called after 10 minutes.  But, hey…he made a goal within those ten minutes!  Today he made two goals in this game.  Way to go Colter!


All the feels

This is what Mama received on Mother’s Day.  The photo of Colter is with his hands together and his teacher painted them blue and green.  It is to represent the Earth while reading the card ‘To the world you may be but one person, but to one person you are the World’.   She cried, I cried…kids really know how to get you, right?