Me help

Caden loves helping string the Christmas lights.  He will grown out of that desire when it’s his turn to string the lights on the house!



It’s all good

Caden just was keeping his eye on things while his brothers and cousins wrote their lists to Santa.  However, it wasn’t long before he wanted to write his list as well.

Dear Santa,

slikv0 jsl w0elkjb osimva;

I’m pretty sure it would look like that with him using a pencil.


Can you spell it?

Helping Colter out with his letter to Santa required much concentration from me because he couldn’t spell certain words.  I couldn’t spell certain words for him.  He needed: Adominus Rex, Bronchisaurus, and Ceptasaurus.  All of these were what he interpreted as the names of some Lego sets.  Trust me, I went looking for them on Black Friday.  But to his ears, these were the sets he heard of and now wanted.  Oye.


Can’t write

Caden can’t write let alone tell us what he wants for Christmas.  I’m pretty sure he doesn’t even know what Christmas is.  One thing I do know is that Santa Claus knows who HE is….and to show Santa that we are all thinking about him, we’ll send him a handprint of Caden’s.  All the kids approved of that.