So where were we? Oh, that’s right…a baby

After the birth and after the initial emotional rush, Mama got out of the birthing pool and into bed with little one.  Here she fed him for the very first time and continued to snuggle and breath in his glorious scent.  After about an hour, it was time to get all the measurements and baby check.  Of course he got weighed but he got measured from head to tippy toe.  His head got measured and certain items were checked to make sure they ‘descended’.  The amount of hair was again remarked upon.  When I looked at the time, I was amazed at how fast everything had gone.  From leaving our house at 8pm to Baby’s birth at 11:10pm, that was a fast labor!

Checks out all ok down here!
The first look
Yes, Mama loves her Camden and her Colter
Meeting his Uncle Tippy for the very first time
Meeting his Auntie for the very first time
Colter, oh the fun you're gonna have with this Uncle!
Papa holding his new grandson who shares the same chin dimple with him
Daddy and his two miracles